What are my purchasing options?

Discounted Cash Price Options

  1. Credit Card

  2. Cashiers check via mail or notary

Monthly Installment Options

  1. We will send you monthly invoices to be paid online

   *Please note not all properties may be purchased via installments*

Why pay cash instead of monthly payments?

The first reason is that we routinely offer large discounts for cash buyers! Secondly, paying cash is the fastest way to get the land transferred into your name so that you can begin using it ASAP.

How do I qualify for monthly payments?

If you can afford the down payment – you qualify! We offer owner financing with no credit checks and no prepayment penalties.

How Much are Property Taxes?

Unless otherwise stated, all of our properties are free, clear and current at the time of conveyance.

Are there back taxes or liens associated with the property?

No. We guarantee that all of our properties are sold free & clear of liens and encumbrances and that the taxes are current.

Can I buy land from you if I live in another county?

Of course! All of the required documents to transfer land rights can be done remotely, so the process of buying land is easy no matter where you are.

When do I receive the deed to my new property?

You receive the deed within 3 days of payment processing. If you are paying in installments, the deed will be sent after the FINAL payment. We send each deed via FedEx with a tracking number.

What do I do after receiving my deed?

Nothing, it's all taken care of.

The deed you receive from us is a copy. We will send the original deed directly to the county and cover any filing fees. The county will process the deed, and then send the original back to you in about 2-3 weeks.

What can you tell me about the property?

Everything we know about each parcel is stated in the listing.

Why is the property so cheap?

We purchase properties at discounted rates so we can sell to you at wholesale prices.

Can I raise animals on my property?

Most likely, yes. Please check with the county regarding permitted property use.

Cheap Land for Sale

We're often asked, "how is your land so cheap?" The answer is we have a reach and system of sellers that no longer use or want their rural vacant land that they've held on to for decades. They're looking to pass on their land, and will often give us great prices. In turn, we can sell to you at the lowest prices on the internet

How do I Buy Land?

It's as simple as filling out our forms and payment. When you look to purchase, we'll ask some basic information: (a) name of the owners, (b) address for the deed to be mailed to. If there are any questions, you can email us at sales@ZionLandCompany.com. We keep this process simple, and take care of the paperwork so you can easily purchase the cheapest land for sale on the internet.